Hello friends! Welcome to the home of the brain clutter that surfaces in the idle time of me.

This is where I want to be the realest I can be, unfiltered and true. I hope this can be an outlet of positivity, rather than the narcissistic mess I sometimes feel social media has the tendency to become.

I’m going to be writing some things on here that people might need or want to know about modelling, about travelling, the things I’m passionate about and the things that fascinate me.

I think having a voice, and one that says interesting and important things is a huge gift, so here I am trying to hone mine. Please follow if you want to read the real me: thinking, feeling and exorcising all the mess from my mind. Should be fun! xxxxx

Header image is a photo by @eddieseye of sculpture by @floralsculptures at @saint_cloche gallery.


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