This is amazing

I love this: positive body image can be impacted by the images with which we’re bombarded, but it really starts and ends with your upbringing: the values integral people in your life expose you to. I read this very soon after posting “beauty is in the eye of the situation part 2” and it really drove home the things I was thinking about at that time.

This is ‘How to talk to your daughter about her body’ by Sarah Koppelkam. I’ve bolded the things I think are super important.

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Something every lover of Adrian Grenier/the earth needs to read.

So a couple of months ago I read this essay Adrian Grenier wrote for the online US mag Refinery 29. I don’t think I’ve ever said ‘YASSSS’ in my head more times within 5 minutes. (I’m really not sure whether I’m doing this ironically anymore. Someone help.) I don’t remember how I came across it but I remember it saying everything I wanted to say about plastic pollution, better than I ever could have put it.

There are only a few differences between Adrian Grenier’s take on this and my own. First of all, I actually have an irrational fear of the ocean. I pretty much pass out when seaweed touches me, and I haven’t been able to go in past my stomach since I got dunked at Bronte beach in February. I don’t like fish, the idea of a seaborne animal big enough to swallow me whole is not one that I like to entertain on a regular basis. I still sometimes have that old recurring nightmare about the glass breaking at the Aquarium.

But even I can’t deny the importance of the ocean, the beauty of it, and the horror of the idea that we are destroying it.

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MD #3: 3 models talk

C Can you hand me a cookie?
C Do you think she (Rebel) can have some?
B Yeah! It’s just sugar.
C No, I need to break this habit.
B For you or the dog?
C Both.


My friends and I have had countless conversations about the misunderstood aspects of our job. So I thought one day, I would record one. Last week, 2 of my best friends (Chloe Braaten, Mali Koopman) and I gathered in Mali’s Williamsburg kitchen to eat Wholefoods cookies and have a good old-fashioned yarn about our job: what we love, what we don’t, what confuses us, and the fact that we’re really just kids fumbling our way through this amazing and unpredictable industry.

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